A new age campus

Kristiine City may be considered the first complete district being erected near downtown Tallinn.

It is a new age campus, where security, functionality, sustainability and environmental friendliness are valued.

Homes with clever room plans, stylish design and a modern aesthetic will be erected here, where one can enjoy greenery and privacy, but at the same time have access to convenient transport connections to downtown and other districts.

Kristina Houses are carefully planned and functional buildings, designed by Allianss Arhitektid. The houses have a raised first floor, enabling a secure parking lot to be built on the ground floor. Thanks to this, the higher-than-usual first floor apartments have more privacy and the courtyards are car-free. The houses have an elevator connecting all floors down to the parking lot. Large balconies and rooftop terraces with lovely views are also planned. The apartments are spacious and well-planned, and have storage spaces, saunas on the upper floors, an opportunity for a fireplace, and access to a private rooftop terrace. The energy efficiency class of the Kristina Houses is B.
Our goal is to offer a new and high-quality life for everyone, regardless of age and lifestyle!

Construction information

Windows and doors

The plan is to have wood-aluminum windows and balcony doors, the balcony railings are made of aluminum profiles and double-layered laminated glass. For the rooftop terraces, the flooring will be installed onto a wooden frame, and the terrace will be surrounded with an unframed laminated glass fence. This saves energy and provides a modern aesthetic. The outer doors of the apartments are veneered fireproof doors, the inner door choices are brought out in the interior finish package descriptions.


Heating is accomplished via district heating through a water-based floor heating system, plus electrical floor heating in the washrooms.


General ventilation is accomplished via a central air intake-exhaust device with a mechanical plate heat exchanger. This is backed up by apartment-based exhaust via the kitchen fume hood.

Weak current installments

The communications network will be constructed with CAT6 cables, the TV network will receive additional coaxial cables. Regarding the security system, the apartments will be in a ready state to join a security service provider.